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About Aero Bungee Fitness

Get to know us

Get ready to fly to new heights while getting an intense low impact workout. We at Aero Bungee Fitness believe that everyone should be able to workout pain free and enjoy it. So start your flight journey with us today.

About Jaesa Whitney

Certified Bungee Fitness Instructor/ Owner

I’m a 20 year old Girlfriend, Dog Mom & Business Owner. I danced majority of my young life. I started when I was 4 years old. I did everything you possibly could, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Pointe, Hip Hop, Lyrical, you name it I probably did it. My life was dance, Monday-Saturday’s you could find me there. I started boxing for awhile, outside of dance as well when I was 8. When I was 12, only in 6th grade, I pulled both of my adductor muscles (inner thigh muscles), the outer tendon that connects from your hip to your knee & 2 or 3 hamstrings. I was in constant pain. Before I knew it I was in & out of children’s hospital having X-Rays, CT Scans & MRI Scans. I went to physical therapy at least 2 times a week for a minimum of an hour & a half a day. I had doctors notes telling me I wasn’t aloud to do any form of physical activity at school & I had to sit at home. I lost my entire identity. Everything I had ever known was gone in an instant. While in physical therapy I did several things to try to heal my thigh. Ice massage, heat, ultrasound & steroid patches are just a few. I ended up forming bursitis on my left hip so we had to try to heal that on top of everything else. I went to the doctor again because nothing was helping & the pain kept getting worse. I ended up forming CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) my nerves were over sensitized. A year later, in 2019 I went back for bilateral hip & knee pain. My patella (knee cap) doesn’t sit properly in my knee. I also have loose joints. 2 months later I was back in the doctor for more pain. My patellar tracking was still off & I also had greater trochanteric bursitis on my hips. As well as hypermobility athralgia. Needless to say I have been in pain for years. I tried to start running but after my second half marathon my physical therapist told me I had to stop. When I saw Bungee on TikTok I sent it to my mom & told her we should try it. It was then that this journey started. I decided to open one here in town not only so my mom, grandma & I could all do it but so everyone could try it & find out how much fun it is! I love all my clients & can’t wait until more people join all of our excitement!


Is this right for you?

If you suffer from any ailments, please talk to a physician before starting any new type of fitness or exercise program. Some restrictions specific to Aero Bungee Fitness include any recent surgeries, pregnancy, weight of less than 90 lbs and a weight of greater than 300 lbs. Participants must be 18 years old.

What to expect

Although bungee fitness offers a reduced impact of up to 70 percent, the classes are still high energy and can be fast paced. If you struggle to do one burpee unassisted, or have any difficulty staying active for more than three minutes at a time, you may struggle with this workout.

Plan on arriving 15 minutes early! Each client will need to complete a waiver and health questionnaire. Each client is then privately weighed to ensure stations are customized for each individual. We provide all the equipment needed for your workout. Be sure to eat a couple hours before class and empty your bladder when you arrive or before you come.

Don’t be late! The doors lock at class time. Once the Flight Instructor is in their harness, they will not be able to stop the warm-up to take late arrivals. We kindly ask that you come without someone who might be a spectator. Out of respect to our clients we don’t allow people to watch the classes. For your comfort we will also have all windows covered during class.

You will want to wear tight leggings, a high-impact sports bra, a tighter fitting shirt (it can be a little loose), and good workout shoes! (Pro Tip: wearing black clothes will hide sweat.) Prepare to get sweaty! Bring water and a sweat towel, if you need. Your body won’t be used to the harness, so if you are worried about sensitivity, wearing shorts on top or under your leggings will provide additional layers. We also provide additional padding for optimal comfort.

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