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Meet Our Flight Instructors

You met our Owner/Lead Flight Instructor on our "About" page.  Now, let's introduce you to the rest of our crew. Each of us have taken the necessary testing to become certified bungee fitness instructors.  Not only could we be your flight instructors, we are absolutely Obsessed with Bungee Fitness!  We look forward to Flying with YOU!


Renae Whitney

I’m a 45 year old Mom, Wife & Business Owner. I was an athlete in high school and then stopped doing everything for a while. I had my 2 amazing kids, via c-section, when I was 26 & 27 years old, gained a lot of weight and didn’t work out at all. I went on several different “diets” and did well for a while, but would always gain it back. When I was in my mid 30s I started to deal with pain. It started with Plantar Fasciitis, then Osteoarthritis. I had my left hip scoped twice & in January of 2024, finally had to have it replaced. During those years I did a lot of Physical Therapy, went to a personal trainer, etc. Water therapy was good for me, but I wanted something outside the water. My daughter (and Owner of Aero Bungee Fitness) discovered Bungee Fitness on TikTok. We went to Edmond, OK to try it and I became absolutely obsessed with it! I could finally workout without pain and get a Really good workout! I was certified to be an instructor and have helped Jaesa along the way with her new business!


Angie Coleman

Angie is currently in training.  Her information will be coming soon.

Amber Family Pic_edited.jpg

Amber Seitz

Amber is currently in training.  Her information will be coming soon.

Mom Chicken Suit.jpg

Sue Rottinghaus

Hi, I'm Sue Rottinghaus.  I'm 66 years young!  Grandma of Jaesa & Mom of Renae.  

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